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GRP COMPOSITES is a manufacturer of high quality fibreglass components. We can produce any types of parts based on your requirements. We also offer 3D and 2D design, moulding and existing parts repair services.


Over 20 years of experience


Affordable and competitive prices


1500 m2 of production floor space


6 metres of ceiling height


We use the highest fibreglass quality


Complex jobs specialists


Extra fast turn around


Perfectly located to deliver Europe wide


Reliable and on time delivery

Fibreglass For All Industries

During the past 2 decades we have worked with many leading companies in various fields. Doesn’t matter what industry you are in, if you are looking for a high level fibreglass manufacturer, you can count on GRP Composites.


Boating Industry


Automotive Industry


Amusement Parks


Agriculture Industry


Railway Industry


And Many More...

The Methods We Use

Our team masters the four most common fibreglass application methods:

Hand lay-up, spray lay-up, vacuum bagging and vacuum infusion.

Each fibreglass project is specific and requires a different manufacturing approach. At GRP Composites, we can help to choose the best production process based on your own requirements.

Fibreglass hand & spray lay-up method

Hand and spray lay-up methods are the most commonly used when it comes to low volume parts production and prototypes. The main advantages of these methods are: low-cost molding + application, and most importantly, there are no size limitations for the parts that can be produced.

The process is to add the fiber reinforcements into a mould and then the resin is applied with a brush, roller or a spray gun.

Fibreglass vacuum infusion & Bagging method

Vacuum infusion and bagging methods are “more advanced” fibreglass manufacturing processes. The main advantage of these methods is to obtain a better strength/weight ratio.

However, the cost of production is significantly increased compared to hand & spray lay-up methods and it might not be suitable for very large parts.

Perfect Finish Guaranty!

GRP Composites high quality production standards also apply to the final step: “polishing“.

All parts produced are hand polished by our qualified staff and rigorously controlled by the production manager before we deliver to our customers.

Other Fibreglass Services

At GRP Composites we can assist you with the entire fibreglass parts development process. Starting from your written requirements, we can create all the 2D drawings and 3D models necessary in order to start the production.

Fibreglass repair

Do you have excisting Fibreglass parts that need to be fixed?

Our team of fibreglass experts can repair any type of existing fibreglass parts. Bring your parts to our factory if possible. If not, we can come to you! Local area only for small repairs and Europe wide for larger projects (depending on Covid-19 restrictions)

Contact us for any sort of fibreglass repair including boats, private planes, racing cars, etc.


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